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Coconut Palm Body and SoulWork

Bring me your headaches, your scars;

your huddled muscles yearning to stretch free...

Welcome!  Thanks for stopping by!

I am located between Edinburg and Woodstock just off I-81 in Shenandoah County, VA.

There are so many ways massage can make our lives better. Basically, our body, soul and spirit are so intermingled that when one part is happy and healthy, the others just naturally improve. It's amazing!

General therapeutic massage is good for anyone. Women in the childbearing year experience discomforts different from their non-pregnant state. Several days of specially focused training taught me the special ways to massage women during this time.

We talk about what your body is feeling like, and what is important to you, today; and I use whatever skills/tools I need to resolve the issues that you present to me today.  I may use any combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release, as seems suitable. If you would like I can use Hot Stones or Bellabacci Cups. If you have a headache, do not cancel your appointment! Relief for that is not difficult.

I spent a year learning midwifery, and although I did not actually pursue that completely, I do have a heart for birth, mothers and empowering women in general. This time of study gave me knowledge which I add to my certification from Nurturing the Mother to help peri-natal women with the discomforts of the childbearing year.  (Please note, although I am pro-woman, I am in no way anti-man. Merely stating.)

I have also learned some CranioSacral Therapy. It is very helpful for very many different conditions. Because every part of the body is connected via nerves which pass into the spine on their way to and from the brain, if anything is out of alignment and disturbing those nerves anything can be not working right, hurt even, and it can be helped by CranioSacral work. I will be learning more, so I can help with even more conditions.

ALSO... I have had wonderful success with emotional balancing using the body's energy system. Basically, we all have the same parts of our lives causing us problems. sometimes it is physical health, sometimes relationships don't work well enough and sometimes it is our finances that do not cooperate as we would prefer. I have learned how to address these issues.  Over the course of six sessions, 90% of our core issues can be corrected. I require a six week commitment for this, in order to confirm your dedication to the project. If you undertake to pay for all six sessions up front, you will be there for all six sessions, you will do your part between sessions and you will be successful. Your life will change and you will become much happier, which is why I call it "Happiness Counseling".  

If you like what you see here, and decide to entrust your hurting body to my care.

I think you will not be disappointed.

Please call or text me at 540.550.5607 at least a day ahead-if not more.

If you are making plans to come vacation in the valley,

 why not make your bodywork appointment when you book your home-away-from-home?



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